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Warp Point is an entertainment company that holds regular, virtual pub quizzes quizzes, live in pubs and venues across the country. The twist? In our quizzes, everyone plays along together in one big, LIVE quiz, no matter where they are!

That means quizzes with up to tens of thousands of players, with bigger prizes, higher stakes, and much more fun. Our high octane events are proven to keep customers coming back for more, week after week.

The best part? There's absolutely no cost to the venue!

No fees. No subscriptions. No risk.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch below for more info and your FREE starter pack, and start offering a Warp Point quiz in your venue today!

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How Does It Work?

Easy set up

Each week, we put out a live stream with our quiz master. All you have to do is hook it into your TV, or plug us into your soundsystem, and you're done!

No apps

Quizzers play along using their phones, with everything they need on their screen. In our quizzes, its the players who pay to play the quiz, not the venue!

Free advertising

We help promote your quiz, both online, and through our FREE starter pack, containing two A2 laminated posters for your venue!

Our Quizzes

Every other Monday night, geeks in Geek Retreats across the country come together to test their nerdy knowledge in the geekiest quiz around.

With video games to be won, and questions on everything from anime to Zanarkand (do you see what we did there), we've been filling venues week in, week out, bringing new people into the cafes, and creating communities around the quizzes.

The best bit? It's completely free for stores to run.

Why not stop by one of our venues to try it out for yourself?

This summer, we're setting out to change pub quizzes forever with our next-generation of pub quiz.

A live, nationwide quiz that brings players together across the country to compete for great cash prizes.

The best bit? Like all our quizzes, it's completely free for pubs to run.

No faff with quiz masters. No pens and paper. No fuss.

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