Info for venues

Warp Point's Great British Pub Quiz is the easiest way to turn a quiet evening into your busiest night of the week. Here we'll run down everything you need to know:

Getting Set Up

The Warp Point Pub Quiz works just like a livestream. There's no apps or any special software involved - all you have to do is go to the TV page, and pull it up on the big screens in your venue. And that's it!

You can use any device to connect to your TVs, whether it's a tablet, laptop, built-in smart browser, or even your mobile phone, as the quiz should run on anything.

Once you've registered your venue, you can test your set up at any time by going to Just log into your account, click "Join", and you'll see a countdown to the next quiz, and hear some music. If you can see the screen and hear the music, your setup will be good to go on the night!

The quiz stream proper begins an hour before the show starts. If you've joined before that time, the page will refresh automatically - you'll just need to click "Join" again.

From there, the quiz is entirely hands off. You don't need to do, touch, or run anything. When the quiz starts, the quiz master will pop up on the screen, leaving you free to keep the punters fed and watered!


Each quiz has a number of prizes up for grabs. At the end of the quiz, one lucky player from each pub will also win a chunk of the national jackpot, which could see them walking away with anything from a tenner, to hundreds of pounds!

All prizes are handled through our prizing system, meaning there's next to no admin required on your side. Here's what the process looks like for a prize voucher:

  1. When someone wins a prize, we send them an email. When they want to redeem it, they pull up the email on their phone, press "Redeem Prize" and hand it over to a member of staff in your venue.
  2. The page will show all the details about the player who won the prize. Your staff check everything looks in order, press "Redeem" and fulfil their prize.

This lets everyone keep track of which prizes have been redeemed automatically, reducing admin and making the whole process completely hassle free.

At the moment, the prizes we're asking pubs to provide are as follows:

  • Free drink voucher (x2)
  • £20 voucher

And we provide each venue with a cash prize!

For the cash prize, things are handled in much the same way, only here we handle the entire fulfilment process from start to finish, so there's nothing at all for the pub to do! Jackpots are paid directly into the prize winner's bank account.

As stated in our terms and conditions, your venue is free to put any reasonable limitations on these prizes that you want. You can say the free drink voucher only applies to drinks under a certain amount, or that the monetary vouchers can only be spent against food etc. It's entirely up to you - all you need to do is make sure players are aware of what they can and can't use their vouchers for when they try to redeem it.

The prizes do have an expiry date. For the cash prize, the player must generate their payout link within 30 days, and then claim their money within 7 days of generating their payout link. For everything else, they have 90 days to exchange their prize email for your voucher.

More information can be found in our venue terms and conditions


Like a traditional pub quiz, players play the quiz in teams - but unlike other quizzes, here each team member plays along using their own phone: one device per person, not one device per team. This means when a team isn't sure, they can hedge their bets and split their answers however they see fit - so long as some get the answer right, they'll get some points.

There's no limit on the amount of players in total, the amount of players per team, or the amount of players per pub.

Each player pays a small fee to join in with the quiz via their phone, currently £2.50, with a portion going into the national prize pot for the evening.

Everything the player needs to play the quiz can be found right on their phone, so there's no need to worry about making sure everyone has a direct line-of-sight to the TV. If your pub's full of awkward nooks and crannies, it'll be fine, as all the questions, answers, pictures, and both national and venue-specific leaderboards are in the palm of their hands! All they need is to be able to get this week's venue code from the TV (to confirm they're actually in the pub they say they are), and they'll be good to go.


We know a lot of pubs don't have the world's best internet connections, and so the quiz has been designed to suit, with lots of clever little tricks to let us adapt to even the slowest of internet connections. We're confident the quality of your internet connection will not be an issue. Over the course of an entire quiz, each player will use mere kilobytes of data - something even the slowest of internet connection can handle with ease - and although questions are speed based, players are at no inherent disadvantage being on a slow connection.

If you have any questions, please do feel free to give us a shout - we run regular demo quizzes to bring new venues onboard, and we'd love to have you along for one to give you a chance to have a test run in your pub!