Privacy Policy

Last updated: 15/05/23

When you take part in a quiz on Warp Point, we store a small amount of essential information. This document details what we store, and how we use it.


When signing up for a quiz as a guest, you'll enter your email address, which we'll use to send you an access code. That email address will also be securely stored, so we can match the access code and emails together to get you into the quiz.

If you create an account when signing up for a quiz, we'll securely store your email and password.

We will not sell your data on to any third parties. All data is stored in line with the best security practices, and held on servers kept up to date with the latest security software.

If you’d like to cancel your account, you can do so by contacting .

Data gathered by third parties

Warp Point uses Google Analytics for traffic measurement. Google Analytics collects anonymised information that lets us see how many people are accessing the site.

If you don't want Warp Point (or more specifically, Google Analytics) to use cookies when you access the site, you can disable cookies in your browser, although this may affect your experience on the website. You can also try using a browser that blocks third party cookies (which is basically anything we, Warp Point, don't set ourselves), with more and more browsers going down this route at the moment - although again, we can't promise everything will stay working properly, as we haven't tested for it. For more information on disabling cookies, please consult your browser's help file.