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Pub quizzes are fun and all, but wouldn't it be nice if there were a quiz that was just a little bit more... geeky? A little less Love Island, a little more Lovecraft?

This is The Geek Retreat Quiz, a huge, live event that'll test your nerdy knowledge, as teams in venues up and down the country compete for their spot on the leaderboards in one big, LIVE quiz spectacular.

But don't worry - we're not going to be asking you to remember the colour of Harry Potter's pants in the 43rd minute of Prizoner of Askaban. This is a quiz designed to be enjoyed by all, with plenty of nerdy goodness, without getting so silly only one person in the world would know the answer.

All you need to bring is your phone, and we'll bring the questions.

The Geek Retreat Quiz is played in teams, whether you're a team of one, or many! There's no intrinsic scoring advantage to playing in a bigger team, but quizzes are always more fun with friends, so bring your pals along! They'll probably know the bits you don't...

So whether you're a Pokemon professor, a Star Trek scholar, or a wizard of the Wizarding World, gather your party before venturing forth, bring your phone, and get ready to take on players all across the country in The Geek Retreat Quiz!

Important Note: You'll need one phone per player, not per team. You'll be scored both individually, and as a team. With spot prizes being awarded throughout the night, you'll all want to be playing along to maximise your chances to win!

Where to Play

Grand Prize

This week's prize has yet to be announced, but you know it'll be another top game!

How to play

Taking part is easy! On the big day, just ask the venue for their access code, whack it into your phone, and you'll be able to set up your team!

What is The Geek Retreat Quiz?


The Geek Retreat Quiz is a live, multiplayer quiz spectacular that takes place in venues across the nation. With players across the country playing together, it's up to you (and your team!) to take on the leaderboards and put your knowledge to the test.

How do I register to take part in The Geek Retreat Quiz?


On the day of the quiz, a giant, unmissable "play" button will appear at the top of this page. Click that to be taken to the registration page where you'll be able to either register your team, or join an existing one.

How do I play The Geek Retreat Quiz?


To play The Geek Retreat Quiz, all you need to do is head to your nearest participating venue and look to the screens! The TVs will tell you everything you need to know - and before too long, our livestreamed Quiz Master will pop up to talk you through things, too.

To play the quiz, all you'll need is a phone, tablet, or even a laptop. There's no apps or downloads required - just head to this page and click the "play" button that'll appear at the top of the page when the quiz draws near.

How do I create a team?


To create a team, all you need to do is come up with a team name. When you reigster your team, you'll be given a team code - your friends can then enter this code - or scan your special team QR code - to join your team.

How do I join a team?


There are two ways to join a team. The easiest is to get your friend to show your their team QR code, available once they've registered for the quiz. Scan the code, and you'll be able to join the game!

If QR codes aren't an option for you, you can always join using their team code - a short string of numbers and letters. Just press sign up, then join team, and enter the code in the box as prompted.

Can I play on my own?


You can! Team scores are averages, so you won't be at a definite disadvantage being on a team of one. That being said, quizzes are always more fun if you're playing alongside a team - and if your teammates can fill in the gaps in your knowledge, even better!

Can anyone join my team?


No - only people who have access to your secret code, or your QR code, can join your team. If you want someone to join your team, just let them know the code they'll have to enter, or show them your team QR!

If you experience any issues while using Warp Point, please contact with as much information as possible. Thank you!