How SEGA brought employees across the country together with a virtual charity quiz

How SEGA brought employees across the country together with a virtual charity quiz

Written by: Ian Morris

Best known as the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog, Corporate Social Responsibility has always been a topic close to video games company SEGA's heart. From causes in the UK, to those as far away as Ghana, the staff are always looking for a way to do that little extra something to help a good cause out.

But perhaps no cause is quite as close to SEGA as SpecialEffect. A charity that does amazing work in providing the innovative technology physically disabled people need to be able to play and enjoy games along with everybody else, SpecialEffect have been making games inclusive in the truest sense of the word for years - and when SpecialEffect's One Special Day fundraising event appeared on the horizon, SEGA weren't about to let the pandemic get in the way of letting them help out.

The challenge

Having taken to quizzes during the pandemic, SEGA decided to put on their very own internal charity quiz for their staff, letting them test their employees' knowledge of SEGA games past and present with their very own custom question set. With their staff still working from home, the ability to bring people across the country together, and let them actually compete in a live, interactive quiz, using their phone, PC or tablet to submit their answers was important - after all, this is a company that knows their interactive entertainment!

The twist? For every correct answer received, SEGA would donate £1 to charity.

The solution

Working together, Warp Point and SEGA managed to create something special - and suitably fitting for 'One Special Day'. By hooking up the correct answer counter to our donations bar at the bottom of the screen, players could see how much they'd raised for SpecialEffect in real time, as their correct answers were totted up on the fly. Combined with SEGA's own custom quiz questions, this small-scale staff event turned into quite a quiz to remember, raising over £500 to go to SpecialEffect!

The results

  • Number of questions: 60

  • Money raised in total: £517

  • Correct answers: 487

Has Sega's quiz story given you an idea for your own? Why not get in touch with Warp Point today to have a chat about how we can help your company achieve your CSR goals and help a charity in your local area - or sign up for a free host account now to have a play for yourself!