How Lomadiah brought interactive charity pub quizzes to Twitch

How Lomadiah brought interactive charity pub quizzes to Twitch

Written by: Ian Morris

An award-winning Twitch streamer, and one of only a handful of household names in the streaming world, Lomadiah (Hannah) is far from a "noob" when it comes to raising money for charity. Named as one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Gaming, and holder of the record for Most Individual Charity Campaigns, 2020, when she got wind of the new fundraising platform in town, she knew she had to take it for a spin, and booked a date to hold her very own Pub Quiz on Twitch to raise money for the LGBT Foundation.

The challenge

Having already held a few pub quizzes of her own on Twitch over the years, Lomadiah's trivia nights were by her own reckoning originally rather more awkward affairs for her to set up. Roping in a few of her streamer friends to form their own teams, the quizzes followed a game-show style format, with the hand-picked teams playing along live on stream.

However, there were a few issues - not least the amount of work they took to set up. With questions having to be researched and put together manually in advance, scores totted up by hand, and a kind of loose honour system required amongst those playing to try and keep things fair, the quiz nights were a real challenge to put together.

This is where we came in.

With Warp Point providing a database of free-to-use quiz packs for all hosts to choose from, Hannah could create her quiz in a matter of minutes. As a fully interactive quiz, where people actually get to play along live using their mobile phone/PC/tablet, not only would we handle the scoring for the teams playing on stream, but we'd also make it so everyone watching at home could join in and compete too. And with with the quiz effectively running itself in a completely hands-off way, it left Hannah to do what she does best - host!

A custom solution

However, we weren't quite done yet. With Twitch streams being rather more marathon affairs that can stretch to three or four hours at a time (or maybe even more!), we added a vital pause button, leaving her in total control of the action. Because of the length of the quiz, we also implemented a Free Play option, so people could turn up half way through, play a few rounds, and make a donation on leaving if they'd had a good time.

At Hannah's request, we also added a really unique feature - the ability to choose which round comes next. This was something that hadn't even really been on our radar, and effectively let each team on the stream take it in turns to choose which round came next, With teams choosing from our preset packs like Kid's TV, Video Games and Animals, and a couple of bespoke packs we created especially for Lomadiah's LGBT Foundation fundraiser (Astrology and Diva Perfumes), the idea was it'd add a bit of strategy to the proceedings. Of course, it also meant that as the quiz went on, the teams were forced to pick rounds they weren't so hot on - to often hilarious results.

In fact, Lomadiah's LGBT Foundation fundraising pub quiz went down so well, she returned a few months later for a Christmas-themed quiz in aid of Shelter - with more lined up in 2022 too!

The results

  • Hours of quizzing: 3+

  • Total amount raised: £388.66

  • Number of Americans left very confused by the sight of The Wombles: 1

Of course, our quizzes don't just work on Twitch! YouTube, Facebook, Twitter - anywhere you can stream video, you can run one of our quizzes. You can even run them in person too! If you'd like to have a chat about how we can help bring your charity quiz to life, please do get in touch - or sign up for an account for free to get started!