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Registering as a cause allows anyone who uses Warp Point to host virtual fundraising events to benefit your cause, with the proceeds being paid straight to the cause account. Causes can also make their own special question packs, which only those raising money for that cause can use!

Warp Point charges no upfront fees, whether you're hosting your own quizzes, creating question packs, or letting users host their own quizzes to raise money for you. We also handle all the payments on your behalf, making fundraising easy. Even after applying the applicable payment provider fees and our platform fee, causes keep almost 90% of the money raised from each event*. We invoice for our platform fee at the end of the month, in arrears. For more on fees, please click here.

To apply to become a cause partner, please fill in the form. All applications are manually validated, so there may be a short delay before your cause is approved. If you have any questions, please get in touch at

*On a £10 donation, the cause will keep £8.66 (~87%), assuming the cause has a PayPal account set up using PayPal's charity rates.

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